RAID - World War II

Sometimes the best way to stop a War Machine is to loosen a Cog from within

Wars aren't just fought on the Battlefield...

RAID: World War II the first game by Lion game Lion, an independent developer from Zagreb, Croatia. It's an action-packed four player co-op shooter that lets you play as raiders during the Second World War, doing undercover missions for the allies while stealing Nazi gold.

Some wars require a new breed of soldiers...

Having been given a chance to earn their freedom, soldiers from different parts of the war are brought together. They do not pursue a higher cause and their recklessness makes them ideal for these kind of missions. Raiding and death becomes their new way of military life as they do what they can to seek redemption – one gold bar at a time

The Nazi’s have developed an advanced radar - codenamed “Heimdall”. It is mounted on the roof of a fortified tower in Berlin, and is protected by anti-air guns and Nazi troopers. Allied bombers are drawing close and seek assistance. Mrs White sends her team to break into the massive tower, fight their way to the roof and deal with Heimdall once and for all.

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